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    When you partner with Exostar, you are partnering with a recognized leader in identity and access management, secure cloud collaboration and efficient supply chain management. We work with some of the top companies in the world to solve some of the most difficult business collaboration challenges. We are at the forefront of delivering SaaS over secure cloud networks to communities of hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

  • The Exostar Partner Opportunity

    Recognizing that a robust and active partner community is required to achieve our global presence and distribution goals, Exostar has developed a program that addresses the individual needs and unique circumstance of each partner.

    Application Partners

    The AP program has been developed to meet the needs of companies who are, or desire to be, solution providers to one or more of our anchor customers. By federating to the LHM hub, your solutions are made available to the anchor customers via a single sign-on(SSO) federated connection. Each secure connection is provisioned quickly for a speedy path to revenue. Exostar's co-marketing and industry awareness efforts around this program bring great visibility to our partners in front of their target audiences.

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    Strategic Partners

    Our SA Partners have a distinctive relationship within our partner community. Each engagement is truly unique in its structure and go-to-market strategy. Some of the world's leading IT companies in the life sciences, healthcare and medical device (LHM) segment have established partnerships with Exostar to not only expand their market presence, but also to better serve their existing customer bases.

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    Technology Suite Partners

    TS Partners provide solution sets that are foundational to our base offerings. More than an add-on, we incorporate your products, expertise and support into delivering best of breed solutions. Exostar's ongoing commitment to persistent development and innovation is enabled by these partners and we are constantly on the lookout for the most advanced and reliable technologies to enhance our offerings.

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    Reseller Partners

    Exostar's reseller program allows partners to leverage aspects of our proprietary technology solutions to expand their product offerings.This program can help entities enter markets that would otherwise be inaccessible to them for technical or financial reasons. These opportunities can include such things as second factor authentication, identity proofing, EPCS and more.

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    To learn more about partnering with Exostar please contact us at: 703-793-7733 or email us at: partner@exostar.com.


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