• Secure Access Manager

    "The greatest benefits of Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) ― as with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ― are code re-use, easier integration of IAM into IT infrastructure and applications, and lower total cost of ownership." Identity Management Market Forecast: 2007 To 2014 February 2008, Forrester Research, Inc For Security & Risk Professionals

  • SAM (Secure Access Manager)


    The traditional model of centralized research, development, manufacturing, and commercial management in the Life Sciences industry is moving toward a distributed, global model that leverages the latest information age tools to improve communications and collaboration with external partners.

    Secure Access Manager (SAM) is Exostar’s turn-key, cloud-based authentication portal to the Life Sciences Identity Hub and the applications connected to it. SAM provides identity and access management functionality, allowing “cleared” third-party employees to access your applications and data. In addition, your employees can access community shared services – all with Web single sign-on (SSO).

    • Provides access to internal applications by external partners using identity federation protocols including SAML and WS-Fed. 
    • Enables SSO to cloud applications for enterprise users, and access for your external users. 
    • Protects intellectual property and conforms to corporate, industry, or regulatory standards. 
    • Lowers costs of managing external party access to necessary information and applications by leveraging Exostar's operational and user support.  
    • Manages the risk associated with orphaned or invalid accounts, such as accounts for individuals who have left the company.  
    • Leverages internal Web SSO infrastructure to support SSO for external partners through Exostar's highly available infrastructure.
  • Exostar - The Leader In Identity Management


    Exostar is a leader in secure cloud-based solutions that improve collaboration, information sharing, and supply chain management for over 100,000 companies worldwide, including some of the largest players in aerospace and defense, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Our secure, cloud-based, single-sign-on identity and access management platform and our multi-enterprise collaboration solutions allow users to connect once and access all their critical applications and information across the spectrum of partners and vendors they work with. Exostar helps our customers utilize and protect their intellectual property, streamline the partner lifecycle, implement new engagements, and expedite all phases of their supply chain.