• MAG (Managed Access Gateway)

    "Identity federation offers particular value to extremely large, decentralized organizations… [or] large communities of trust in which partners provide access to resources for other community members." Gartner Research Q&A: Frequently Asked Questions About Identity Federation, 2010 17 February 2010 Gregg Kreitzman and Ray Wagner

  • MAG (Managed Access Gateway)


    The Managed Access Gateway (MAG) addresses the unique requirements of Exostar customers in the Aerospace and Defense industry.  MAG is a cloud-based authentication portal that provides access to a central identity hub, which in turn enables users to access partner or third party applications for business collaboration or supply chain solutions through web Single Sign On (SSO) access.

    MAG allows enterprises to enable controlled access to information and applications for their partners, suppliers and customers.  Exostar supports a variety of standards to insure that existing Web single sign-on (SSO) infrastructures can be seamlessly extended to support integration with Exostar.

    Exostar’s MAG extends the basic concept of Web SSO to support highly-sensitive applications which host proprietary information or export sensitive data. Exostar can tailor the MAG interface to support various onboarding, enrollment and application profiles, and to support a variety of user credentials, such as username and password, RSA token, PKI certificate, CAC cards, or one-time passwords.

    MAG provides the following benefits for application owners:

    • Centralizes account management for identities crossing multiple subscribing applications.
    • Lowers costs of managing external party access to necessary information and applications by leveraging Exostar's operational and user support.
    • Manages the risk associated with orphaned or invalid accounts, such as accounts for individuals who have left the company.
    • Leverages internal Web SSO infrastructure to support SSO for external partners through Exostar's highly-available infrastructure.
    • Supports rich user profiles to enable sophisticated access control policies, such as Export Control or Intellectual Property Protection
    • Reduces account provisioning and identity management costs, such as password reset requests.
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