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Healthcare, Life Sciences Feb 2, 2020

Digital Transformation of Clinical Trials

Clinical trials participants find themselves in the midst of a digitization-driven transformation to expedite drug delivery.  Technology providers fuel the […]

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Healthcare Oct 13, 2017

3 Reasons Health Care Stakeholders Need A&D Secure Solutions

In my role leading Product Development for Exostar, I occasionally represent our company and our solutions at events. I am especially […]

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Healthcare Dec 15, 2016

Let’s Talk About Opioids

Grown in the fields of Afghanistan and distributed in our pharmacies, hospitals, and even on our local street corners, opioids […]

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Cybersecurity, Healthcare Jan 12, 2016

Could your healthcare insurer be putting your organization at risk?

Cyber-based attacks pose a serious risk to organizations. Historically, business decisions were measured in dollars and cents. Now, they must […]

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Cybersecurity, EPCS, Healthcare Jan 11, 2016

Healthcare: Are you posed to be the next big data breach victim in 2016?

Electronic medical records. E-prescribing. Online collaboration amongst patients, providers, and payers. These advances mean protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and […]

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Healthcare Jan 4, 2016

All About CSP

Exostar is a Certified Credential Service Provider No industry is immune from today’s increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, and that includes […]

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