Today’s interconnected business environment requires large enterprises to quickly and securely collaborate with partners, customers, suppliers, and other third-parties throughout the value chain on a continuous basis. This becomes even more challenging for those companies working in and across highly-regulated industries such as the Defense Industrial Base, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. Exostar provides a managed service to facilitate enterprise collaboration with external users (non-employees), which promotes compliance and mitigates risk and loss of data due to cyber security threats.  That service, Exostar Secure Access for Microsoft 365, extends The Exostar Platform by complementing the industry-standard Microsoft 365 collaboration tools to simplify working with external users to get the job done from anywhere and at any time in a trusted environment.

Regulatory Compliance

Because The Exostar Platform was built for highly-regulated industries, customers of the Exostar Secure Access for Microsoft 365 application can best ensure collaboration with partners complies with current and evolving standards and frameworks including NIST 800-171, CMMC, ITAR, and HIPAA.


As partner networks grow, so do the administrative costs. Exostar manages the technical and policy administration of these relationships in a Software-as-a-Service environment, in addition to managing the enterprise’s external users themselves. This helps mitigate onboarding and ongoing customer support costs, giving Exostar Secure Access for Microsoft 365 customers the benefits of economies of scale, without the associated overhead.


With over 150,000 organizations worldwide already connected to the Exostar community, enterprises can more rapidly create collaboration spaces with their always-changing partner networks.  As a result, information exchange times accelerate, delivering critical cycle time reduction benefits and speeding desired business outcomes.


As part of The Exostar Platform, Exostar Secure Access for Microsoft 365 delivers trust by employing the highest security regimes. It’s built on top of Microsoft’s trusted platform (FedRAMP High certified) and Exostar has earned widely-accepted, best practice industry certifications such as Kantara (Level of Assurance 3).


  • Access to the Exostar community accelerates collaboration with your partners
  • Exostar solutions helps enterprises ensure compliance of partners and their users
    • Organization requirements/certifications necessary to join the community
    • User onboarding with various proofing options (in-person, web-based)
    • Enforce user identity and access management permissions and privileges with various levels of authentication (two-factor, multi-factor, multi-factor + proofing), based on secure collaboration requirements
    • Support for regulatory standards
  • Use Microsoft 365 to collaborate easily with all your partners
  • Secure Microsoft 365 application in Microsoft Azure GCC High and/or Commercial environment


  • Partner Validation – Giving a partner user access to an application
    • Provides enterprises with the controls they need to manage internal and external access to their applications
    • Incorporates delegated administration, reducing enterprise burden by empowering partners to determine which users within their organizations should access the applications
  • Secure Access – Enables third-parties to acquire a second-factor credential necessary to access enterprise-owned applications per the enterprise’s security processes and policies