Simplifying and accelerating the onboarding and lifecycle management process with customers, partners, and suppliers allows enterprises to conduct business more rapidly and efficiently. The cumbersome process of vetting third-parties and onboarding them and their users challenges an organization to mitigate risk, protect sensitive information and intellectual property, and collaborate productively without impacting project and production schedules or consuming valuable personnel and resources.

The Exostar Platform’s Onboarding Module makes it possible for organizations to build a consortium of trusted partners quickly and securely by handling critical tasks such as due diligence and third-party risk assessment. Real-time access to relevant data from a trusted source reduces initial vetting and recertification costs and time, allowing your business to increase agility and stay competitive while minimizing security risk.

Connect. Collect. Certify.

The Exostar Community has thousands of vetted partners that can be accessed via The Exostar Platform, allowing for faster search, evaluation and onboarding. Through our stringently assessed community, an Enterprise can initiate new partner engagements or directly request additional information from a partner. This collaboration leads to reduced partner burden, accelerated onboarding and improved partner relationships.


Enhanced Information Management

Accelerated onboarding and increased oversight.

With more complex supply chains, higher velocity in market changes and other emerging challenges, and increased cybersecurity and other compliance requirements, the time to complete partner onboarding continues to grow substantially. The Exostar Platform’s Onboarding Module allows enterprises to successfully overcome these and other circumstances associated with managing and monitoring a complex partner network with a comprehensive solution that leverages enhanced information evaluation and management.

Exostar’s Enhanced Information Management delivers a unified, collaborative, and adaptable onboarding process that provides transparency and a seamless exchange of information with partners.  The process can be configured to meet changing organizational needs allowing Enterprises to adapt processes to address a broad range of compliance and risk-based requirements. This feature provides unrivaled flexibility and extensibility based on a Community Master Data Model (MDM) and open integration with external systems and data sources. This Community MDM ensures access to consistently current and valid data, facilitating a competitive partner selection.


Enhanced Feature Highlights

  • Standardize and automate compliance across the partner ecosystem
  • Industry-leading security and privacy functionality built-in
  • Ability to configure the system to react quickly to regulatory/legal changes without the need to involve internal IT or pay external consultants
  • Powered by Community Master Data Model, enabling increased accuracy and consistency
  • Visibility and tracking of all partner form requests and statuses from Data Collection to Evaluation to Approval
  • Form update and re-certification capabilities
  • Supports partner search and reporting
  • Assessment for NIST 800-171 associated with Department of Defense contracts using DFARS 252.204-7012



  • Accelerated onboarding for new partner organizations and users
  • Instant access to pre-verified organizations and users in the Exostar community
  • Automated risk management and compliance processes
  • Easy partner recertification or off-boarding


  • Use included onboarding workflows and data, or customize them
  • Select partners who need to complete the information submission process for onboarding
  • Leverage existing data for potential partners already belonging to the Exostar community to accelerate the onboarding process
  • Reduce partner recertification effort and increase compliance by automating the process, sharing existing information, and motivating them to remain in the community and retain application access