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Exostar Launches EU Qualified Digital Certificate Service for Life Sciences

New PKI offering supports digital signature requirements established by regulators.

HERNDON, VA, October 25, 2016 – Exostar, whose cloud-based solutions help companies in aerospace and defense, life sciences, and healthcare mitigate risk and solve their identity and access challenges, today announced the launch of its EU Qualified Digital Certificate Service.  The new offering augments the company’s suite of identity, credentialing, and access solutions.  It also extends Exostar’s 10-year legacy of providing full lifecycle support for public key infrastructure (PKI) software and hardware certificates used by customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

The EU Qualified accreditation, coupled with Exostar’s existing SAFE-BioPharma certifications, means Exostar’s PKI certificates can be trusted throughout the global life sciences industry, enabling organizations to engage quickly, easily, and securely.  In order for its Digital Certificate Service to become EU Qualified, Exostar had to pass a comprehensive, independently-conducted security audit by an EU member state-approved provider.  It also had to demonstrate compliance with European Directive 1999/93/EC that defines electronic identification and trust services standards, including those for digital signatures, for electronic transactions throughout the European market.

“External collaboration is essential in life sciences.  Digital signatures facilitate the exchange of business-critical documents in a trusted fashion, which enhances productivity while helping protect intellectual property,” said Matthew Williams, Exostar’s Security Product Manager for PKI Solutions.  “Issuing and maintaining PKI certificates entails a significant time, cost, and resource commitment for life sciences organizations, particularly as their partner network grows.  Our Digital Certificate Service alleviates that burden with a proven solution that lets these companies focus on the science, not the security.”

A single hardware or software certificate provides both authentication and digital signature capabilities, including non-repudiation and assurance of content integrity.  Exostar handles initialization, issuance, activation, replacement, and revocation of the certificates, which satisfy identity, privacy, and digital signature requirements imposed by European and U.S. regulatory agencies.  The company provides multi-tiered customer support for certificate maintenance and troubleshooting.  In addition, Exostar oversees execution of a remote identity proofing process, in accordance with EU and U.S. policies, that individuals must complete successfully before they are able to obtain their certificate.


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