Partner Information Manager (PIM)

Reduce supply chain risk while saving costs and time associated with intensifying cybersecurity standards.

To boost cybersecurity across the supply chain, DoD is raising compliance standards and stepping up audits. In this climate of heightened scrutiny, Exostar’s Partner Information Manager (PIM) is a strategic tool OEMs employ for simplified and assured compliance throughout their supply chain.

PIM allows organizations to successfully overcome the challenge of managing and securing a complex partner and supplier network. An easy-to-use solution for risk management, PIM leverages information from trusted sources to provide a comprehensive view of a supplier’s current and potential risk and impact. Using an ask-once-and-share model, PIM can radically reduce the burden of completing multiple NIST SP 800-171, CMMC, and cybersecurity questionnaires.

Suppliers can easily answer compliance requirements (NIST 800-171, CMMC, DOD Assessment Methodology score for SPRS) by leveraging Exostar Certification Assistant which assists in security assessment.


  • Pre-built questionnaires
  • Integration with and to leading data providers
  • Email and portal templates
  • Workflow and approval processes
  • Role-based dashboards


  • Secures partner and supplier data to DoD standards through a secure cloud-based platform
  • Offers a consistent set of minimum cybersecurity expectations for suppliers
  • Simplifies supplier and partner management
  • Collects compliance, security, and more key information about suppliers
  • Provides a one-stop shop for completing information requests and sharing common supplier data without completing forms multiple times