Improving the Technology Experience for Investigative Sites

Bring safe and effective medicines to patients faster.  That is the goal for everyone involved in the drug development process.  Yet both investigative sites and sponsors face the conundrum created by layers of technology designed to improve efficiency and reduce complexity.  The need is clear – the life science community must have secure and simple ways to collaborate, sharing large amounts of sensitive and proprietary clinical data.  Technologies abound to address this, yet the use of these applications has resulted in significant increases in administrative burden and serious reductions of time available for patient-facing activities.  What’s the answer?

90% of investigative sites surveyed in 2019 state that their #1 challenge with eClinical solutions is the existence of too many different passwords and login credentials.

Exostar has the answer.

TransCelerate, the pharmaceutical industry consortium, selected Exostar as the provider of choice for a single, secure sign-on that allows access to sponsor, CRO and vendor software packages.  This solution has been proven to reduce site burden and increase productivity for both sponsor and site.   Learn why 10 of the top 20 global pharmaceutical companies and over 70 vendor and CRO companies trust the Exostar solution.

Exostar is helping clinical trial sponsors effectively address the technology burden.

  • Reduce site burden and management

    Reduce site burden and management

    Whether the trial is being run by a sponsor or a CRO, the technology burden also trickles into support teams, who then have to spend hours on-boarding investigators on various platforms.

  • Tie essential clinical apps together with single credential

    Tie essential clinical apps together with single credential

    Our Single-Sign-on solution works with modern clinical applications. Your investigators can use Veeva, Oracle, Medidata, and countless other platforms like Cognizant’s Shared Investigator Platform. Our solutions works on top of most modern applications, connecting apps even with their own IAM solution.

  • Access a vibrant community of investigators

    Access a vibrant community of investigators

    Whether your study requires additional investigators, or you are planning a new study, Exostar’s convenient SSO solution also gives you access to thousands of investigators across specializations.