Exostar’s Trusted Single Sign-On Solution Simplifying Application Access For All Clinical Users

Clinical trials engage a variety of constituents – sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs), sites, third-party researchers, and other partners – who must securely access systems to capture and exchange sensitive and proprietary information.  Traditionally, each trial requires each participant to receive a unique username and password for each clinical trial application – introducing administrative headaches and security risks, and adversely impacting productivity.

A recent study spanning over 500 clinical trials site personnel worldwide conducted by the Society for Clinical Research Sites (SCRS) identified the number one clinical technology challenge as “too many systems with different processes and logins/credentials.”  The same study cited “single sign-on (one login) across trials and applications” as the most desired clinical technology improvement.  Exostar’s trusted single sign-on (SSO) solution, in use today by 11 of the 20 largest global pharmaceutical companies, nearly 20,000 life sciences organizations, and over 500,000 individuals, solves this critical problem.

For Sponsors:

Exostar’s trusted SSO solution helps sponsors increase clinical trials efficiency by:

  • Outsourcing the user access management function
  • Promoting faster onboarding of critical investigative site personnel
  • Minimizing overhead as the volume of trials and applications grows

For Sites:

Exostar’s trusted SSO solution directly solves the #1 challenge of sites and investigators by:

  • Providing a single login/account to access all relevant systems and applications
  • Extending the SSO experience across all systems and all trials for all sponsors
  • Ensuring enforcement of access privileges remains in alignment with those granted by each of the system and application owners, so investigators get the assets they need, when they need them