Identity & Access Offerings

We make credentialing, authentication and integration simple in order to best serve workforce, consumer and partner communities.


Secure access for customers and partners is mission-critical.  Through an end to end service for single sign-on and strong user authentication.

We provide your trusted partners, and employees, access to both internal and external applications, utilizing a community-accepted industry credential.

Exostar ensures that existing SSO infrastructures can be seamlessly extended to support integration with our platform. Our identity proofing and authentication solutions help reduce risk and provide continuous, integrated, strong authentication for online identity protection.

Open Banking

Support a growing range of opportunities and new channels of revenue beyond standard banking, financial services and insurance models.

Open Banking capabilities enable organizations to deliver new services a capabilities created with Fintech and Insurtech innovators.

Exostar enables organizations to reduce risk and enable compliance against a growing set of standards – in an already highly regulated marketplace.

Identity Proofing

Significantly lower risk, while reducing the cost of identity proofing without sacrificing security. Our identity proofing and credentialing capabilities enables you to verify a user’s credentials across the world – and get faster, more accurate results.

Collaboration Offerings

Exostar makes cross-enterprise Collaboration easy and safe.

  • Secure, Compliant Enterprise Collaboration

    Our cloud-based, enterprise-class, project collaboration platform specifically designed for the industry. This unique platform provides a central point through which community members can collect, manage, and distribute highly sensitive information with all of their business partners. This solution enables secure, compliant online project management, facilitating better management of costs, deadlines, expectations, and results.

    • Compliance

      Specifically designed to demonstrate compliance with organization policies and government regulations (DFARS/NIST in the U.S., other relevant international requirements).

    • Digital Rights Management

      Permission based document protection that extends beyond the server to wherever the document is used or stored.

    • Secure WebEx

      For real-time information exchange.

  • Secure File Transfer

    Transfer and receive large digital files quickly and securely. Users can share information with colleagues both internally and externally without compromising security.

Risk Management Offerings

Exostar helps Financial Services companies utilize and protect their intellectual property, reduce risk, and identify and improve security vulnerabilities.

  • Partner/Supplier Risk Management Solution

    Whether your concern is security, compliance, or procurement, our solution makes conducting business across the value chain safer and more secure. The Exostar continuous risk management solution empowers organizations to assess, measure, and mitigate risk in real-time across multi-tier partner and supplier networks. Modules include the following:

    • Cybersecurity

      Establishes a framework to prioritize and improve cybersecurity within the value chain ecosystem.

    • Sustainability

      Provides visibility on efforts to meet environmental and green standards across the partner ecosystem.

    • Compliance

      Focuses on industry best practices and government compliance-based initiatives, such as conflict minerals and IRS withholdings, and the maintenance of relevant forms and certifications.

    • Financial

      Incorporates information from independent third-party sources – like Dun and Bradstreet and LexisNexis – to give insights regarding the financial health and viability of partners.

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