Identity & Access Offerings

Identity. Credentialing. Access. Boost business agility. Ensure security. Manage compliance.

Identity Authentication

Our Identity authentication solutions and HIPAA compliant environment are designed to meet the privacy and security requirements for Personal Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). A single sign-on (SSO) approach uses an authenticated single set of credentials that provides access to required clinical and administrative systems. Our platform supports seamless integration with existing SSO infrastructures.

Certified Credential Issuance and Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

Exostar’s fully-managed PKI solution is designed to maintain digital certificates. It’s ideal for enabling sensitive online healthcare transactions (i.e., digital signatures) and providing secure access to sensitive patient health information. Our MFA solutions help healthcare organizations and solution providers reduce their risk of identity breaches and cyber security attack vectors.

Identity Proofing

Exostar provides a variety of proofing options to lower non-compliance risk and prevent identity theft, while reducing costs.

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Our cloud-based, DEA-compliant solution enables Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors to support EPCS within their existing e-Prescribing platform. The offering combines our identity proofing solutions with two-factor authentication to significantly reduce the risks of identity theft and drug diversion.

Collaboration Offerings

Secure collaboration throughout your healthcare ecosystem.

  • Secure Enterprise Collaboration

    Exostar’s cloud-based project and document collaboration solution enables secure and compliant collection, management, and distribution of highly sensitive healthcare information. Built on the Microsoft Share-Point platform and enhanced by Exostar with security and signature services, our solution impacts productivity, mitigates non-compliance risks, streamlines logistics, and reduces costs.

    • Trial Master File (TMF) Collaboration and Compliance Management

      With our integrated cloud approach, you can easily manage TMF compliance across disparate but connected communities (i.e., investigators, sponsors, auditors, and study coordinators).  We enable the virtualization of the study process across a community of geographically dispersed research organizations.

    • Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Large File Transfer

      Optional file transfer and DRM modules enable distribution and document protection beyond the server to wherever the document is delivered, used, or stored (file sizes can range up to 1 TB).

Risk Management Offerings

Mitigate security vulnerabilities. Reduce non-compliance risk.

  • Partner/Supplier Risk Management Solution

    Exostar’s continuous risk management solution provides an enterprise-wide view and accelerated understanding of compliance and vendor security risk profiles that deliver instant value to healthcare organizations. Our value-based solution secures and streamlines the logistics of maintaining regulated compliance and managing security vulnerabilities with partners and vendors.

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