In order to keep up with rapidly-evolving global markets, accelerate time-to-market, meet customer demands, and gain competitive advantage, enterprises must be able to securely collaborate with their extensive ecosystems of partners in real-time. Effectively conducting business with partners and delivering a compelling customer experience requires a suite of applications that support digital transformation initiatives, scale to account for ecosystem growth, and integrate to correlate and analyze relevant information and promote productivity.

The Exostar Platform’s Application Modules encompass Exostar-developed and third-party applications that deliver the critical functionality required by companies in highly-regulated industries.  Applications available today include Exostar’s Managed Microsoft 365, sourcing and procurement, supply chain management, ad-hoc multi-enterprise collaboration, risk management, and compliance – with more on the horizon. Pairing the Applications Module with the Business Intelligence Module unlocks the true power of The Exostar Platform, giving you the tools, data, and analytics you need to compete and win in an Industry 4.0 world.


  • Robust collaboration with partners and customers
  • Increased operational agility and responsiveness throughout the partner ecosystem
  • Reduced cybersecurity risk
  • Improved customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty


  • Breadth of applications that address the most pressing multi-enterprise collaboration requirements of companies in highly-regulated industries
  • Allows Exostar-developed & third-party applications to be integrated to improve productivity and data governance
  • Facilitates secure communication & collaboration between enterprise and external users in support of business-critical processes such as R&D, production, distribution & MRO
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