In today’s digital economy, organizations must collaborate continuously with external partners, vendors, and customers. But when allowing third-parties access to your network, applications, and data, you open the door to compromise of your intellectual property, and reducing the associated risk presents a significant challenge you must overcome. Toss in increasingly stringent and evolving regulatory requirements to which your complex, global ecosystem must adhere, and scaling access to business-critical applications becomes an expensive, time-consuming, and daunting hurdle.

The Exostar Platform’s Secure Access Module delivers the capabilities you need to facilitate access so you can efficiently and effectively conduct business with your growing network of constituents, while simultaneously minimizing your exposure to operational, reputational, and security risk. Highly-regulated organizations in over 175 countries trust our Secure Access Module to enable secure access to their most important assets.


  • Reduced cybersecurity risks and compliance with regulatory mandates and standards
  • Ability to scale environment quickly and securely to support global, multi-tiered value networks
  • Reduced operational cost and complexity throughout the engagement lifecycle
  • Increased productivity and efficiency, making it easy for the right third-parties to get access to the right applications and data at the right time


  • Controls to manage internal & external access to your assets based on your policies, permissions, and privileges
  • External partners provide input on which users within their organizations should access applications with your approval
  • Assurance of connecting with organizations & individuals who have been pre-vetted and who already may belong to the Exostar community
  • Multifactor authentication and support for a variety of credential types and identity management protocols that support security policies and operating environment
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