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Exostar to Speak at Government Cybersecurity Forum

Independent and Executive Branch Regulators Will Hear from SVP Vijay Takanti and Other Service Provider Experts on Supplier Risk Management and Compliance

Herndon, VA, April 3, 2018Exostar, whose cloud-based solutions help companies in aerospace and defense, life sciences, and healthcare collaborate securely with their partners, today announced its participation on a panel of service provider experts invited by the Government to speak about supplier risk and compliance. The session is part of the Cybersecurity Forum for Independent and Executive Branch Regulators, which will take place on April 4th in Washington, DC.  (Note – This event is closed to the public.)

Exostar’s Senior Vice President of Product Development, Vijay Takanti, will represent the company on the panel. Speakers will discuss due diligence best practices for the planning and selection of suppliers to mitigate risk to systems and data throughout the partner ecosystem and promote compliance with cybersecurity directives.  Topics Takanti and the group will cover include:

  • Supplier risk profile assessment
  • Vetting supplier responses to cybersecurity questions
  • Industry-standard compliance attestations
  • Due diligence challenges
  • How Government agencies can assist with supplier selection

“We live in a world where supplier ecosystems increasingly are connected by the cloud, but the numbers are scary. According to a February 2018 story in SC Magazine, 42% of IT professionals have no cloud infrastructure governance process in place, and 31% either don’t understand infrastructure risk or don’t know what to do to mitigate it,” Takanti said.  “Organizations simply must partner with suppliers who can conclusively demonstrate proactive, mature cybersecurity programs that comply with standards such as NIST SP 800-171.”

Cybersecurity Forum membership spans Government agencies including the Federal Trade Commission (current Chair), the Federal Communications Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Transportation, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology. The Forum’s objectives are to:

  • Enhance communication among regulatory agencies and regulated entities through the sharing of best practices
  • Explore ways to align, leverage, and de-conflict approaches to enhance cybersecurity protections
  • Establish processes to encourage coordination and consistency where multiple agencies have regulatory authority over a common industry


WHO:              Vijay Takanti, Senior Vice President, Product Development, Exostar

WHAT:            Panel – Due Diligence Best Practices for Trusted Supplier Selection

WHEN:            Wednesday, April 4, 2018, 9:00 – 10:30 AM ET

WHERE:         Cybersecurity Forum for Independent and Executive Branch Regulators,

Federal Trade Commission office at Constitution Center, Washington, DC  (Closed to the public)