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InnovoCommerce Announces Partnership with Exostar for High Assurance, Single-Sign-On Access to the investigatorFIRST Portal

Pharmaceutical Community Benefits from Enhanced Security, Productivity, and Customer Experience

Irvine, CA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–InnovoCommerce, – makers of the only clinical and safety document exchange system deployed by multiple global pharmaceutical companies, today announces a partnership with Exostar, the leading provider of identity management solutions for the life sciences industry. The relationship brings the convenience and security of Exostar’s identity and access management platform, leveraged by nearly half of the world’s 20 largest pharmaceutical companies and the Shared Investigator Platform initiative for clinical trials, to InnovoCommerce’s investigatorFIRST clinical and safety document exchange portal – providing the life sciences community with unparalleled convenience, while also meeting the need for strict controls, auditing, and security.

“This partnership is important to our customers and our end-users, on many levels,” says InnovoCommerce CEO Umesh Verma. “For our customers, it shows our commitment to working with industry-leading partners to build solutions that help them meet the complex challenges of managing users and identity in a modern application landscape. For end users, our goal is to help reduce ‘identity fatigue,’ which can lead to security holes and poor performance.”

While consumers are already used to the convenience of “Login with Facebook” or “Login with Google” on many publicly-facing sites, the demands of the pharmaceutical industry necessitate more secure solutions, which have been lacking on the market. In addition, research shows that some clinical investigators access an average of 12 electronic data systems, including Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) systems, Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems, and others.

Amit Athalye, Chief Compliance Officer for InnovoCommerce, believes that this reality necessitates solutions which help reduce the “data burden” on investigational sites: “When users have to manage multiple identities across multiple systems with multiple sponsors, they will take shortcuts. They will reuse passwords, they will use weak passwords, they will log into the system infrequently. All of these seemingly small details can negatively affect how secure their data is. With Exostar, we have a partner and a platform which can help our global customers achieve stronger security, better compliance, and further improve clinical trial efficiency.”

InnovoCommerce’s investigatorFIRST portal is now fully-integrated with the Exostar identity and access management platform, empowering customers to manage both internal and external user identities with a single solution. Customers can seamlessly enable world-class, enterprise-grade single-sign-on into investigatorFIRST using their own native credentials, benefitting both end users and system owners.

“In today’s life sciences marketplace, communities must transcend enterprise boundaries to facilitate collaboration throughout the drug research and development lifecycle,” said Tom Johnson, Exostar’s Senior Director of Life Sciences Business Solutions. “Secure collaboration, particularly in the complex, multi-faceted, highly-dynamic clinical trials environment, starts with strong identity and access management. By teaming with innovative industry solutions providers like InnovoCommerce, we are helping participants get the information they need, when and where they need it, while also protecting the sensitive data of individuals and the intellectual property of pharmaceutical companies.”

investigatorFIRST supports hundreds of global clinical trials annually, with millions of document transactions between tens of thousands of users and clinical investigator sites. Customers achieve greater site satisfaction, improved sponsor-site relationships, increased regulatory compliance, and higher levels of efficiency.

“Our customers are committed to investigatorFIRST so we want to continue to invest and bring better software and better experiences for all the users who collaborate on our platform. This partnership aligns with our core vision of bringing to market the most advanced, most efficient, most powerful, and most secure clinical and safety document exchange system on the market,” says Mr. Verma.

For more information, please visit InnovoCommerce at DIA Booth #2538.

About InnovoCommerce

InnovoCommerce is the world’s leading company dedicated to secure, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliant cloud-enabled clinical trial investigator portal solutions. investigatorFIRST is the most advanced clinical trial investigator portal product on the market. investigatorFIRST is a flexible and configurable solution that can be deployed in multi-tenant environments, in third-party data center of customer choice or on customer premise. Learn more about InnovoCommerce by visiting

About Exostar

Exostar, named a Cool Vendor for 2016 by Gartner, offers cloud-based solutions that help companies in highly-regulated industries mitigate risk and solve identity and access challenges. Nearly 150,000 organizations leverage Exostar to help them collaborate securely, efficiently, and compliantly with their partners and suppliers. By offering connect-once, single sign-on access, Exostar strengthens security, reduces expenditures, and raises productivity so customers can better meet contractual, regulatory, and time-to-market objectives.

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