ForumPass Defense

Protect your organization's sensitive data using a secure shared space.

ForumPass Defense is a highly secure and intuitive platform for collaborating in the cloud. OEMs and suppliers choose ForumPass Defense for its robust functionality, fully secured operation and easy-to-use interface.

Providing a secure, multi-factor authenticated environment, ForumPass Defense incorporates digital rights management (DRM) functionality to protect documents inside and outside of the environment. DRM-protected documents are watermarked with the user’s name, and the date and time documents are opened. DRM-protected files in ForumPass Defense are secured wherever they reside, online or offline. Documents can have differing permission levels depending on a user’s role (e.g. read only, edit, etc.) that are mapped to the system permission groups.

ForumPass Defense is based on Microsoft Office SharePoint. It integrates fully with MS Office applications, and has the MS Office look and feel.

ForumPass Defense allows for product and project design and collaboration that are compliant with local or regulatory standards.


  • Highly secure collaborative document management and file sharing
  • Process management and document routing
  • Support for multiple file formats including those provided by Microsoft and Adobe, and those used for multimedia and 3-D modeling


  • NIST 800-171 compliance
  • Ease of deployment with a SharePoint-based user interface
  • On-demand and cloud-based application
  • Flexible security features with two-factor authentication, data-in-transit and at-rest encryption included on the client side
  • Software as a service (SaaS) model with full SLA (service level agreement) training and support

Reduce time and costs associated with external user accounts.

Application owners can connect once and provide access to all approved external users. Many of your business partners may already be included in our large base of aerospace and defense organizations. When this is the case, you’ll be able to do business faster.




Training and Support

When you choose ForumPass Defense, you gain access to extensive training resources and a self-help dashboard. You will not be left unsupported.