Access: One

Versatile IAM for customer, employee and partner access

From workforce and partner Identity Access Management (IAM) to customer facing mobile and web experiences, Access: One enables resilient and versatile services for access management, administration and governance.  Delivered as a Service, Access: One enables highly regulated organizations to provide secure IAM services to employees, partners and consumers.

IAM services for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

We make securing BFSI platforms simpler.

Modern Banking, Financial Services and Insurance platforms need on-demand, secure and accessible security services.  Access: One ensures easy, highly secure access to financial products across multiple channels. All through a single platform which presents on-brand services for adaptive authentication, single sign-on and identification verification

Using Access: One, highly regulated organizations can provide simpler, safer ways to make internal, partner and customer facing services more resilient, easier to access, and better tailored to user needs.

That’s why Access: One is deployed by globally recognized Banking, Financial Services and Insurance organizations to protect services and ensure that their users feel secure, safe and in control. Speak to us today to learn more about our IAM services for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance.

Workforce and Partner Identity

Improving employee engagement and productivity with Access Management and Identity Governance.

With organizations becoming increasingly dependent on applications hosted within and external to the network perimeter, today’s enterprise requires solutions with the intelligence and flexibility to control access, respond to risk and build on opportunity.

Access: One’s Webtop provides secure access to cloud and on-premise applications with single sign-on, identity governance and strong authentication.  Webtop provides employees, line managers and system administrators the tools they need to securely and efficiently do their jobs – all accessible from a single portal.

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  • For Users

    For Users

    • Access applications through a secure portal, whether apps are in the cloud or on-premise
    • Self-service preference management
    • Request application and role-based access
  • For Line Managers

    For Line Managers

    • Administer team member access to on-premise and cloud applications
  • For Administrators

    For Administrators

    • Centrally define and administer security policy
    • Administer user access, across all Access: One services via a single helpdesk
    • Customize the visual style and journeys presented in Webtop
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Robust and responsive Identity and Access Management for workforce, partner and consumer services.

Access: One provides robust authentication and authorization services across web and mobile, protecting high value data, equity and IP across Banking, Financial Services and Insurance. Delivered as a Service, Access: One enables highly regulated financial organizations to provide secure IAM services to employees, partners and consumers. The Access: One platform provides product and security teams the capability to publish new IAM capabilities through a framework of services for Integration, Orchestration and User Experience.

Using Access: One, organizations can prototype, build and publish IAM services and workflows that comply with regulatory requirements whilst maintaining a frictionless brand experience.

Capabilities include:

  • Highly robust and adaptive IAM workflows
  • Intelligent risk-based multi-factor authentication
  • Real-time access control to critical services and data
  • Comprehensive services for identity governance and administration
  • End-user self-service access request, preference and password management
  • Single sign-on and application publishing for one-click access to all your applications
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Securing new digital services and products with access from a single customer identity.

Access: One enables product and security teams to publish new identity services from a central IAM services and integration hub for Integration, Orchestration and User Experience.  We support clients across Banking, Insurance and Financial Services to deliver sign-on, multi-factor authentication, identity proofing, user onboarding and provisioning, governance, self-service and device management – all through a single solution.

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Consumer Identity

Access: One provides scalable solutions for organizations to customize, protect and deliver services to new and existing users, building trust through secure, digital identity.

For today’s consumer, time is at a premium, and as the first touch-point for access, your IAM platform plays an important role in creating the right level of engagement with your customers.  Providing seamless and secure access to all of your digital services, Access: One provides a versatile API based IAM platform to meet your organization’s use cases.

Access: One improves consumer engagement through versatile services for user registration, authentication, preference and consent management as well as user self-service.

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  • Registration and Onboarding

    Registration and Onboarding

    Social registration and progressive profiling to get customers onboard quickly and securely.

  • Social Login

    Social Login

    Support social authentication for easier access to services.

  • Passwordless Login

    Passwordless Login

    Move beyond username and password with one-touch frictionless login.

  • UI Customization

    UI Customization

    Customize the presentation layer of your identity services to suit your brand.

  • Omni-Channel Identity

    Omni-Channel Identity

    Realize a single identity for digital and real-world scenarios.

  • Identity Intelligence

    Identity Intelligence

    Understand user activity with monitoring, reporting and security intelligence.

  • Self-Service


    Customizable registration, authentication and credential self-service, from a single console.