Secure Collaboration

Securely and compliantly share business sensitive information internally and externally.

Why Exostar?

Exostar unlocks the power of the cloud to deliver the most reliable and comprehensive solution for secure enterprise collaboration.

About Exostar’s Secure Collaboration Solutions

Exostar recognizes that while sharing information within an enterprise’s virtual four walls is becoming increasingly difficult, doing so with customers, partners, and suppliers raises the challenge to new heights. Our solutions, built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform and enhanced with multiple security features, enable customers from many industries to efficiently, effectively, and securely exchange business-critical documents such as engineering drawings, proposals, specifications, project information, and more, and build intranets and extranets – all while maintaining compliance with applicable policies or specific legislation requirements.

  • Compliance


    Specifically designed to demonstrate compliance with organization policies and government regulations (DFARS/NIST in the U.S., other relevant international requirements).

  • Content Collaboration

    Content Collaboration

    Enables secure online project workspaces with internal and external users, facilitating better management of documents, costs, deadlines, expectations, and results.

  • Secure File Sharing

    Secure File Sharing

    Enables users to easily and securely share large files.

  • Secure Email

    Secure Email

    Standards based solution for reducing the risks of phishing attacks and routing errors, while ensuring the content is always protected, from sender through to recipient.