Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Health IT Vendors Need Comprehensive, Proven Solutions that Are Easy-to-Integrate, Easy-to-Use, and Compliant

Why Choose Exostar When Implementing EPCS?

The opioid epidemic continues to drive state and federal legislation for electronic prescribing of controlled substances (EPCS).  Health IT vendors in response need to extend their electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) software systems with EPCS capabilities that are easy for healthcare practitioners to use and easy for all parties to implement and operate.  Exostar offers a comprehensive EPCS solution that achieves these objectives while promoting compliance with security mandates.


Finding the Right EPCS Solution for Health IT Vendors

To successfully incorporate EPCS into existing EHR/EMR systems, health IT vendors must address a new set of technical and operational requirements – quickly, cost-effectively, and with minimal disruption to healthcare provider customers.  These requirements account for the stringent security that accompanies EPCS, and include:

  • An upfront proofing process for all affected provider to verify their identities and confirm their eligibility to prescribe controlled substances. This process must be completed before the provider is granted EPCS privileges within the EHR/EMR system.
  • An authentication process each time a provider wishes to access EPCS functionality. Authentication must include a second factor credential presented by the provider (beyond username and password) – such as a one-time password generated by a hardware token or mobile app – to better guard against unauthorized access.
  • Application of electronic signatures that complete the prescription. For the pharmacy to fulfill the prescription, it must receive trusted digital certificates created by the system that validate the electronic signature.

Trust Exostar’s Proven EPCS Solution

Health IT vendors need not serve as identity management providers nor turn to EPCS solutions that jeopardize the user experience and increase provider pain.  More than 25 health IT vendors rely on Exostar’s ProviderPass to quickly deliver the comprehensive EPCS capabilities that meet legislative mandates, promote provider/patient/prescription security, and facilitate provider productivity.  ProviderPass supports the signing of over 1 million electronic prescriptions for controlled substances per month.

A One-Stop-Shop to Implement EPCS

To simplify the process of implementing EPCS, health IT vendors should identify an EPCS partner whose solution:

  • Serves as a single source for all technical and operational EPCS requirements
  • Offers an open architecture that allows for a straightforward, single integration point with the EHR/EMR system
  • Provides a seamless, consistent user experience for EHR/EMR system users
  • Incorporates credential and digital certificate management capabilities on behalf of provider, so they can focus on patient care
  • Possesses a track record of success