Identity & Access Offerings

Connecting people and applications through Identity, Credentialing, and Access Management.

Identity Authentication

Our authentication solutions include single sign-on (SSO), “step up,” and multifactor authentication (MFA). SSO gives your trusted partners and employees access to both internal and external applications, utilizing a community-accepted industry credential. Our available “step up” and MFA solutions help reduce risk and provide continuous, integrated, strong authentication for online identity protection.

Certified Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Exostar’s fully-managed PKI solution is designed to make the issuance and maintenance of digital certificates easy. We include multiple form factor distribution options. Our digital signatures ensure integrity of content and non-repudiation of content authors or senders. The digital certificates we issue comply with industry and government standards by way of the PKI’s SAFE-BioPharma cross-certification. This accreditation enables document submissions to regulatory agencies, specifically the FDA

Identity Proofing

We focus on providing a variety of proofing options in order to align with the community desire to minimize the burden on the users while appropriately addressing risk management and compliance requirements. Standard, aligned solutions lower the non-compliance risk, while reducing the cost of identity proofing. We provide solutions to address the U.S. domestic users, as well as international users from across the globe.

Collaboration Offerings

Enabling innovation and speeding time-to-market with cloud-based Enterprise Collaboration.

  • Secure Enterprise Collaboration

    Partnering and outsourcing continue to grow in the Life Sciences industry, leaving companies with the need to effectively leverage the best minds anywhere on the globe to gain competitive advantage.  Exostar’s HIPAA compliant collaboration solution enables customers to utilize shared resources, avoiding long setup times and reducing costs. By streamlining the commercialization process, organizations are able to expedite clinical trials and government approvals with increased efficacy rates and higher quality of life results.

    • Digital Rights Management & Secure File Transfer

      Optional Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Secure File Transfer (SFT) modules expand the use cases supported through this highly cost-effective solution.

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