Secure Access Manager (SAM)

Trusted Single Sign-On Access For Your Users

SSO remains a hot topic, but life science organizations need a trusted SSO solution designed specifically for the life science industry.  Only Exostar’s Secure Access Manager (SAM) combines subject matter expertise, vertical market experience, and broad industry acceptance.  SAM serves as the SSO solution of choice for:

  • Half of the 20 largest global pharmaceutical companies
  • Over 30,000 life science organizations worldwide
  • 700,000+ Users
  • Access to the industry’s Shared Investigator Platform

Come join Exostar’s rapidly-growing life science community today – your partners likely already belong!

Drug R&D Challenges

The research and development (R&D) process for new drugs and therapies takes as long as a decade, costs upwards of $2 billion, and involves a wide variety of constituents.  Sponsors, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and other third-party researchers, clinical trials sites, and other partners must securely access internal and external systems and applications and exchange sensitive and proprietary information throughout the process.  Clinical trials alone typically require each individual participant to receive a unique account and associated access information for each relevant system and application – introducing significant efficiency and security risks for all involved.

Secure Access Manger: Speeding the R&D Process while Protecting Intellectual Property

Sponsors must engage CROs, sites, and other partners quickly, minimize administrative overhead, and ensure secure collaboration throughout the R&D process.  Exostar’s Secure Access Manager helps sponsors meet these objectives by supporting:

  • An architecture that only requires system and application owners to connect assets once, regardless of the number of partners that need access
  • Faster partner engagement via outsourced, optimized onboarding techniques
  • Delegated administration, where asset owners assign access privileges and the solution enforces them
  • Stronger information security against bots, phishing, or targeted system attacks through hardware token, software certificate, phone app, and other multi-factor authentication options for asset access

SSO Solution: Solving the #1 Clinical Trials Technology Challenge

In a recent Society for Clinical Research Sites study, 40 percent of the over 500 sites surveyed cited too many systems requiring different processes and login credentials as their number one clinical trial technology challenge, and 90 percent ranked it in their top four.  Exostar’s Secure Access Manager solves this problem with a trusted single sign-on (SSO) solution that:

  • Allows individuals single sign-on access to all internal and external systems and applications to which they have been granted permission with a single login/account
  • Works across all connected sponsors and industry platforms, including the Shared Investigator Platform
  • Enhances productivity by reducing login times and the need to manage and maintain dozens of usernames and passwords