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Code-N to Provide Secure, Cloud-Based Scientific Intelligence to BioPharma Companies via Exostar’s Life Sciences Identity Hub

Alliance Will Enable BioPharma Companies to Securely Track Competition, Repurpose Current Drugs, and Improve Drug Safety

HERNDON, VA, and MENLO PARK, CA, February 18, 2015 – Exostaran innovative information technology company offering cloud-based solutions that enable secure, cost-effective business-to-business collaboration, and Code-N today announced that Code-N will connect its cloud-based solutions to Exostar’s Life Sciences Identity Hub.  By joining Exostar’s partner program as an Application Partner, Code-N ensures its Competitive Profiler, Drug Repurposing, and Safety solutions can be securely accessed by organizations and individuals who are members of Exostar’s rapidly expanding life science and healthcare community.

Exostar’s Life Sciences Identity Hub is the scalable, proven solution where asset owners maintain control over access to their applications, which the Identity Hub enforces via Exostar’s Secure Access Manager (SAM).  With heightened security for sensitive information and intellectual property, organizations and individuals can collaborate with confidence.  Individuals benefit from a single sign-on user experience, which reduces risk and vulnerability while promoting productivity with seamless access to multiple next-generation life science technology solutions like Code-N’s.

“Exostar has become the preferred choice for providing secure cloud-based access to our scientific solutions,” said Randy Haldeman, CEO of Code-N. “By connecting our next-generation products to the Exostar Life Sciences Identity Hub, companies can securely access our solutions to uncover new pathways to cures and provide scientific intelligence for repurposing of drugs and alerting of harmful interactions, faster.”

Exostar’s life science and healthcare community currently includes nearly 15,000 users and 700 organizations, as well as 7 federated organizations and more than 20 federated applications.  Global market leaders such as Merck, AstraZeneca, and MedImmune, along with their contract research organization, academic, laboratory, and investigator partners, are reaping the time, cost, and security advantages of the Life Sciences Identity Hub.

“Code-N’s suite of solutions allow life science organizations to instantly track their competitors and new entrants, repurpose drugs, and identify safety issues before going to trials,” said Daniel Pfeifle, Exostar’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing.  “By partnering with Exostar and connecting to our Life Sciences Identity Hub, Code-N will increase the potential of these solutions dramatically.  At the same time, scientists in the Exostar community will have another valuable solution at their fingertips.”

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