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Exostar Deploys VMware NSX to Deliver Strong Security and IT Automation For Customers in Highly Regulated Industries

Micro-segmentation Supports a Zero Trust Security Model In Multi-Tenant Cloud Environment. VMware-based Software-Defined Data Center Enables Greater IT Efficiency and Improved Application Continuity for Better Customer Experience .

PALO ALTO, Calif., September 16, 2015 – VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the global leader in cloud infrastructure and business mobility, today announced Exostar has deployed the VMware NSX™ network virtualization platform into the company’s production multi-tenant cloud. Through a software-defined data center architecture underpinned by VMware NSX, Exostar continues to strengthen security and improve IT efficiency for its solutions and customers.

Exostar’s cloud-based solutions help companies in aerospace and defense, life sciences, and healthcare mitigate risk and solve identity and access challenges, allowing them to collaborate securely, efficiently, and compliantly with their partners and supply chains. Exostar has built out an infrastructure spanning multiple data centers in the U.S. and Europe, leveraging VMware’s unified platform for its hybrid cloud. The company has implemented its software-defined data center architecture with a heterogeneous mix of Cisco and Juniper Networks networking and security hardware.

“Security is what we do, so we look at everything through that lens. VMware NSX and the software-defined data center have made us even more secure and efficient in our operation, which has directly translated into a better customer experience,” said Raj Dasgupta, director of IT at Exostar. “We have been able to improve the overall visibility into our infrastructure, streamline processes, and reduce expenses by moving to software-defined infrastructure for networking and security services. We could not have achieved these results with a traditional hardware-defined approach.”

VMware NSX Enables Zero Trust Security, Simplifies Network Management

With VMware NSX and micro-segmentation, Exostar is able to isolate and segment different tenants within the same cloud infrastructure. Micro-segmentation keeps any potential attacking agents from moving east to west between VMs and accessing unauthorized applications or information. VMware NSX also provides several key advantages over traditional hardware-defined network security approaches, including distributed policy enforcement at every virtual interface, and in-kernel, scale-out firewalling distributed to every hypervisor.

With VMware NSX, Exostar has significantly reduced the time it takes to onboard customers and bring up new services, saving hours for IT. Exostar IT can spin up environments for new customers with all of the requisite security and networking with the click of a mouse. If IT adds, moves or decommissions a service, all of the buildup and tear down of the infrastructure is automatically handled by VMware NSX. The solution has allowed Exostar to simplify its network architecture without sacrificing performance or security, improving network management and troubleshooting.

“Our customers expect us to help them efficiently collaborate across enterprise boundaries while protecting their sensitive data and intellectual property,” said Dasgupta. “When you create a network in a Zero Trust security model with NSX, everything else is simplified. Quite simply, VMware NSX helps us safeguard our customers.”

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