To transform the ways in which organizations approach collaboration, identity and access management, security, and risk management, so they can build and strengthen partner relationships, better control projects and processes, confidently comply with government regulations, and ultimately drive revenue growth.


Core Priorities

Identity, Credentialing, and Access

Aiding customers in controlling and tracking the activities of unique persons.

Enterprise Collaboration

Providing customers with the ability to collaborate internally and externally without compromising security.

Risk Mitigation

Providing innovative and timely solutions to reduce risk and exposure in support of our partners’ goals and strategies.

Supply Chain Collaboration and Management 

Extending and promoting visibility across the customers’ complete supply chain execution cycle.


We envision a world in which innovation does not stall because of security, but is progressed further for it. Since we first began, our combination of technical advancement, customer intimacy, and a commitment to maintaining security at all levels has made Exostar the preferred enterprise collaboration solution across many industries. As we build to become the ultimate secure collaboration platform, we aspire to make the business world a more connected place to share ideas, develop solutions, increase productivity, and lower costs.

Core Values

Innovation & Access

We are committed to providing the latest technological advancements to our customers, ensuring that their experience is seamless and simple.

Integrity & Quality

We honor our agreements, anticipate the needs of our market, and hold ourselves to the highest possible ethical and workmanship standards.

Trust & Respect

We value openness, inclusion, honesty, and confidentiality.