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How to Simultaneously Achieve Identity, Operational Resilience, and Third Party Access Management Goals with Exostar Access: One

In a world where cyber threats are on the rise, organizations face complex challenges when protecting sensitive data – especially […]

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How to Ensure Secure, Efficient Collaboration Among Multi-Organizational Networks

Note to readers: This post is based on insights from the white paper by analysts at KuppingerCole, “Streamlining Identity Access […]

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Strengthening Cybersecurity with Exostar and the CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 

As an innovative solution provider in secure B2B collaboration, Exostar is committed to ensuring the security of the sensitive data […]

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Why Security Can’t be the 4th Procurement Pillar

The Department of Defense (DoD) traditionally has evaluated contractor proposals and program execution against 3 pillars: cost, schedule, and performance.  […]

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3 Challenges to Meeting Supply Chain Cybersecurity Requirements

In October, Exostar sponsored a roundtable discussion as part of Aviation Week’s AerospaceDefenseChain conference. We gathered over 40 executive-level representatives […]

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How can supply chain diversification reduce your risk?

There are many risks to supply chain continuity. Natural disasters, electronic attacks, politics, or the economy can make it so […]

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